Monday, April 15, 2013

Talent - A New Favorite!

Going through Chemo these past two years (with one year left) has become my new normal way of operating - and to sum it up, it kinda "SUCKS" but I stay positive and really don't complain. While I was in the hospital in 2011 my sister had given me a set of very cute pins (badges) one of them said "Chemo Sucks"  - I pinned to my purse. I never realized how much strength and Super Hero Powers it gave me until I discovered that it had fallen off and was GONE for good! That pin was a reminder of all I have gone through and what I still have to face and it made me feel strong and it spoke to me - Hey girl you're a warrior and let nothing stand in your way!

A while ago, thanks to Instagram & Etsy, I came across an amazing artist in Manchester, England. (she creates, she runs, she swims! impressive stuff!)

----  Nicola Rowlands ----
Etsy Shop = MsSpanner

I simply adore, adore, adore her work!  So I sent her a message and told her about my lost pin and asked her if she would design me a new one. I am so excited, it should be here in a few weeks!!!  Thank you Nicola!  Here is a peek at what she created for me!  I also ordered a print of this to hang in my studio and some other pieces of her work. Click on the links above and check out her work. She has wonderful, creative, fun things in her Etsy shop!  I will post again when my goodies arrive!


  1. so sorry you have to go through chemo... and I'm so happy you're getting a replacement pin! xo

  2. Thank you Aimee - I rely on artwork to get me through! Can't wait to get a frame for the print I got from you and get that on my studio wall as well! Creating keeps me sane! <----- as if that's possible!


  3. Wow that Chemo Sucks is great! I have to tell you Christine your banner is awesome!! did you create that digitally?

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    1. Thanks Fran - I did - I scanned in the painting and clipped her out in Photoshop and then pieced it together digitally. The circles I grabbed off of different areas in the painting. I had fun with it!

      That Chemo Sucks graphic rocks - I can't wait to get it!!!!