Friday, April 5, 2013

Day 1 - Creativity Challenge

I will post pictures as I get them - to start off here is my piece for DAY 1!

Artist: Christine Phelps

Artist: Brianne Boyd Sweet Limes

Artist: Sherry Hall
Artist: Lauren Cerretani Desrocher (Etsy Shop)
Calm Courage  (Blog)

 Artist: Sue Mattero

 Artist: Sharon Bloom (blog)
Sharon's Etsy Shop

Artist: Fran Traina (blog)
Fran's Etsy Shop


  1. Girl, I love what you created! This challenge is going to be so fun, glad you started the fire :)

  2. Thank you - you's is great too!!! This will be fun - I got so much out of the 10 day challenge - I hope you enjoy this and it sparks your creativity!!!!

  3. Very pretty. I have not been able to tap into my creativity yet, still working on it.