Friday, April 5, 2013

Creativity Challenge!

Calling all artists!!!  Spur of the moment - Lets create!  This is a quick one - 5 days - get your creative juices flowing - create what makes you happy! (write, paint, sew, draw, sculpt) Anything goes - I will post them here!  These challenges really help to get you going!  Lets have fun!!!!


  1. Are you posting everyone's photos for your five day challenge on your blog? Should I email it to you? I just moved over to the Trodden Path from CCD, and I happened to catch your post.

  2. Yes - I will post them here and on FB and on Pinterest - my email is ( fishbonedragonfly at yahoo dot com) in the subject put the the day number of the challenge - and also let me know if I can link it back to a website or blog of yours! - Christine

  3. OK, i'm a little late for day one but will send to you:)