Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I'm a Pole Dancer This Week!

Back at Smilow Cancer Center for another round of chemo. Excited because after this round I only have one more left! As I write this I am hooked up to my chemo hanging from my IV pole - it becomes my best friend while I'm in here - I pull it along where ever I travel be it the bathroom or for a walk in the hall - it's not much of a conversationalist but it stands tall next to my bed and watches over me while I sleep.

I am using this down time to sketch out some new work. I look forward to having my treatments all behind me and gaining my strength back so I can get back to my studio - I have hopes and ideas for some Valentine critters and creations!

So I will sign off for today and get back to my sketchbook in hopes that my IV pole does not get jealous!