Thursday, October 18, 2012

Up for the Challenge!

Yesterday I went treasure hunting with my mother - we always seem to find something and yesterday was no exception!

I love finding things that people have cast-off, declaring as junk. When I see creative potential there I get excited and HAVE to have it, simply Have to!  I am a typical pack-rat artist. I see the potential in MANY things and I have a studio full of "goodies" to prove it.  Well this time I thought I would do something different - instead of taking what I found and sticking it on a shelf or tucking it in a box or drawer.....I am going to get to work on them right away!!! I love when creativity strikes - such a good feeling so I am going to hold tight and run with it!!!!!

I found nine of these wooden circles (broke one), that my guess were abandoned by someone who had a REALLY good idea on what they were going to make with them.......and never did.  Well you little wooden circles of joy, I am up for the challenge and I'm gonna make you all proud by turning you into yummy little pieces of pure artful love! I am very excited!

So to start this challenge off, here are pics of my find - I will keep you updated on my progress - I'm thinking I will even do a blog giveaway for one of them! This is going to be fun!

The vintage muffin tin - I have an idea for that too.

Here is a shot of today's progress - I currently have one finished!!

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  1. They look interesting already! Happy creating :)