Friday, April 3, 2009

Well after months and months of checking out everybody else's blog and contemplating starting a blog of my own (actually threatening to) - I finally did it and here I am! Not quite sure what I am doing but I thought I would give it a try. I have lost my creativity over the past few years and feel as though I have lost a large part of me. About three and a half years ago I started working at a publishing company as their in-house designer - while this pays the bills it leaves me tired at the end of the day and not in the mood to be very creatively productive. I thought that maybe if I started a blog and then start designing the web site I have been paying for [for years now] I could get myself back on track to creative bliss once again. I realize that I am at my happiest when I'm creating and I can't ignore that part of me any longer!


  1. May this be the start of getting back in touch with your creativity! Mom

  2. I'm happy that you are blogging Christine. It imspires me to blog also.
    I can't wait for you to post some of your beautiful artwork for everyone to see. I know we will all want some. *HINT*