Thursday, October 27, 2011

When life chooses for you...

Well once again I am making an excuse for my absence from my blog and my artwork.

This time it's a bit more than my simple procrastination and I guess not really an excuse.  On July 29th, 2011, life chose a very different path for me. I hadn't been feeling well for about three months (fevers, fatigue and then eventually pneumonia) I figured it was time to do something about it. I found myself a new doctor (instead of going to the walk-in) and he started off by running a complete blood panel on me.  The results came back a few days later that I had Leukemia. I was yanked from my little world and placed into the not so friendly world of cancer.  July 29th, the very day, actually hours after finding out the diagnosis of Leukemia, I found myself in a room at Smilow Cancer Center at the Yale New Haven Hospital here in Connecticut - a room that I called home for the next 33 days. The girl who was only in the hospital her entire life for one week when she had her son spent the entire month of August in a hospital bed - culture shock!!  They wasted no time in starting my treatment for T-Cell ALL. Within those 33 days I completed a full round (Part A & Part B) of chemotherapy.

As I write this it is October 27th and I have completed 2 full rounds of chemo which marks my halfway point! I'm not blogging about this to whine, crab or complain only to share my experience. I have been so lucky and blessed ( I know that sounds funny given that it is cancer) -  but I have handled this situation with a very positive attitude- and I believe this has made all the difference! My body has tolerated the chemo very well and I suffer no nausea as a result of my treatments. I do rock a very snazzy bald head though. The good news is that I'm in remission with no signs of the Leukemia in my body!!! My chemo treatments will be finished in February and at that point I will start my march to be cancer free for 5 years. According to my doctor I am a boring patient!  Boring huh? - not a problem I will take it!

I am so very thankful to have the most amazing family and friends that have rallied around me with support and prayers - I would not be where I am without their love - I wish that everybody could be this lucky.  I find myself with a lot of free time on my hands and when I am feeling good I am happy to say that I am making ART!!!!!!  It feels amazing to be creating again - I will keep this blog updated with my new work so keep checking back in!!


  1. You are too humble and don't give yourself enough credit for your very postive attitude that has pulled you through this illness with remarkable success. We all love and support you and admire the way you show the rest of us how to live with integrity and enthusiasm every day.

  2. I agree with Sharon,a positive attitude makes all the difference in the world. May the good lord continue to bless you and heal you ,prayers to you and yours for miracles.

  3. Christine, You are a insperation to all of us. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. Keep up the good fight.

    Love ya, Ellen