Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blog Shame...Empty Nest

I do I have an extreme case of blog shame.  It has been well over three months since I have last blogged. (sounds like I'm at confession)

Summer has been busy with work, weddings (my younger brother is getting married), my son is leaving in a few short weeks to head off to college (empty nest).  Empty Nest  - that brings up a good thought - my nest will be empty soon but I have great plans... I will fill it with creativity and art.  I have many projects on the horizon!!!  Please don't give up on me blog-world I will get better!


  1. I absolutely LOVE your art!!! SO FUN and creative!!!

    I know you've not posted for a you may not find this but didn't want to stop by without leaving you a message :)


  2. Thank you Doreen - I have recently created some new work so I WILL be posting more often (tomorrow) - I hope you stop back in!