Monday, March 14, 2011

.... My First Spun Cotton Creation ....

I'm home sick from work today hanging out with a not-so-fun friend, stomach bug.  For the moment I feel ok so I thought I would try to sneak in a post.

Saturday was my spun cotton class with Paula Walton - I had an amazing day with her learning this technique!  With Paula I made two people ornaments and a cat - The cat is not finished yet but I will post once it is.  I had a little bit of time on Sunday to practice and made my very first solo creation!  I took the traditional techniques she taught me and tweaked them a bit making an ornament with a bit stiffer feel.  I created this precious bunny girl. She's a cut little thing measuring about 5.5 inches. So very fun to make - I look forward to creating many more!  It was my sister's birthday at the beginning of February and I owe her a present so this very first creation is going to her!

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