Thursday, March 17, 2011

! ! ! Happy Birthday 2ME ! ! !

My birthday arrived two days early in the form of a package from California! My incredible AND talented friend of many years Sharon Bloom sent me goodies!  I'll turn 40 on Friday and you'd think that at this age I could be mature.  HA - not a chance!!  I tried to be so good and wait until Friday to open this package but the little kid in me won out!  Its impossible to have a box from Sharon Bloom sitting on your table and not tear into it right away!  I want to share with you what she sent and why I'm a lucky lucky girl!

It starts with this great card - love this cat!

Sweet as sweet can be clay house and tree!

The most AMAZING owl plate! (insert your jealousy HERE!)

I have a shelf in my bathroom that I display many Sharon goodies on - check this out...

My son Joel's birthday is nine days after mine and Sharon always remembers him too - she sent him a gift card in this great owl card - I will frame the card for his room!

Thank you Sharon, not only for these amazing gifts but also for your friendship - I am glad that you are in my life! Together we will rule the world!!  XOXOX  Christine

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  1. It's an honor to know you Christine and to be your friend! Happiest of Birthdays to YOU!!