Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween is almost here!!!

Happy 'almost' Halloween!

I have been a bad blogger these past few months - but I have been very busy....we are buying a house and will be closing on November 6th! I promise to keep you updated - new house means new studio area!!!!! I am so excited!

I am headed to a friends Halloween party on Friday night and I thought I would share pictures of the goodies I will be bringing - well one is not edible just down right gross and the other is quite yummy! On the internet I found the how-to's on this disgusting meat head and I just had to make it. Bought a plastic skull at Target - spread cream cheese all over it and stuck ham all over the skull - how gross - It will go on a platter surrounded by pinwheels and salsa. The other is a basket filled with witch finger cookies. They are very yummy - they taste like shortbread. Don't you love my creepy doll head? Love it!

Have a happy halloween!!!


  1. CHRISTINE!!! This is the grossest thing I have ever seen. What are the teeth made from? I love it though. It is truly creepy.......Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!

  2. i'm thinking abby would FREAK if she saw that doll are pretty crazy! Have a marvelous hollows eve!!

  3. Hey Sharon - the meat head is a plastic scull covered in cream cheese then I stuck deli ham on. It was a hit - not edible but made a great table decoration. - I think one should be made for every holiday!