Tuesday, June 11, 2013

So much going on!!!!

The past few weeks have been whizzing by- so much going on.  My son Joel graduated from college - Yeaaaaaaaaaa Joel!! We are so proud of him!! We had a nice graduation party for him and were surrounded by friends and family!!

I had another chemo treatment (boo-hiss) - I've rebounded and I'm off creating art once again!

We added another puppy to our family! His name is Miller - when we adopted him we believed that he was a Catahoula Leopard Dog x Aussie mix - turns out he is part Great Dane - Which parts you ask? The BIG parts I answer!!!  LOL He is going to be a big boy - oh boy! (take a peek at the paws in this picture) He is a love and fits in well with this crazy family!

I finished the first part (Mod 1 - Mod 2&3 are still to come!) of  Rachael Taylor's: The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design (amazing course! highly recommend it) and now I have jumped over to Part A of Make Art That Sells (working hard at trying to extract info I didn't already know - I have been hoping for something more to sink my teeth into) - first week was Bolt Fabric - here is my design. I will keep my chin up and keep working hard - I do love working on a deadline again, I have missed that!

A picture of my "at the moment" spotless work space - don't let people fool you with squeaky clean studio shots - an artist makes a mess! Much time and effort goes into clean up!!

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