Sunday, July 1, 2012

Excitement! - Sharon Bloom is coming to town!

I am so excited it feels like I'm waiting for Christmas morning! In 5 days my dear dear friend Sharon Bloom is coming from California to visit!!

 I think our story is a very neat/special story - Sharon and I met about 10+ years ago because we both admired each others artwork and struck up a friendship through emails and then eventually would chat on the phone every once in a while which then led to every week sometimes more than that. We have supported each other and created an amazing long distance friendship but have yet to meet in person. When I got sick last year with Leukemia Sharon's initial response was I'm coming to see you - but I said no, lets wait till I'm better so that we can create art together and enjoy your time here. Well that time has come and Sharon will be arriving from Cali Thursday (7/5) night! Ralph and I are so excited to pick her up from the airport! She is staying until Monday and then is off to visit another friend out here on the east coast. Sharon visiting is just what I need because I have once again fallen into a creative rut where no art is being created. We plan to have much fun and creating is tops on our list - well its tops on my list at least - I think tops on Sharon's list is having good pizza LOL. I will keep this blog updated with our adventures!

 T minus 4.5 days and counting!


  1. Christine,
    Looking forward to meeting all of you and creating. Pizza is just the frosting on the cake! Busy organizing and getting ready and packing..........Yay!!

  2. Is that "my" photo you used?

    I too love Sharon's work!

    1. @Maria - not a picture that I lifted from your blog but actually a pic that came up when I either Googled Sharon's work or from Pinterest - had no idea who's it was. Sorry I ticked you of - not my intention.