Saturday, April 2, 2011

Jaw dropping....WOW!

I stumbled upon artist Laura Lloyd's work yesterday on Etsy and WOW my creativity sirens went OFF!  I was so excited!! Her ceramic sculptures are whimsical, fun, AMAZING - she uses great colors & I just want them all!! (She's a painter too!) I immediately started envisioning all different spots in my home where her sculptures would look fabulous - I must start saving so that I can buy one!!!

Shout out to you Laura Lloyd! - I love your work!

I'm a marketer at heart and believe in promoting and sharing when I find something interesting, exciting and new - so without further ado...........Laura Lloyd ~ check her out!

My favorite piece is top left - It's titled: "Dream-Big---Flap-Hard"  <--- That about sums it all up!

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